Submitting Assignments - details

This is a generic instruction i.e. it is the same for all courses and can be changed by instructions given in your course.
You find specific details on the homepage for your course and on each assignment memo and if the details are different then you should apply them in the order: these instructions, homepage, lab PM i.e. the last one has the highest priority.

The programming assignment is usually divided into several parts to be submitted during reading weeks 1-8.

The programming assignment process goes like this:

If you get stuck, don't hesitate to contact one of the assistants or come to the consultation hours.

Important - All your own work?

The solutions you submit must be all your own work only. Submitting code which is in whole or in part the work of another lab group (or anyone else) counts as cheating in an exam, and the penalties are potentially severe. It is important that you read this document "Samarbete eller fusk" before you begin any lab exercises. If you prefer to read in English, read this instead Cooperation vs Cheating.

Also note that these cheating rules includes a two person group where one member is not very involved in the work. The "active" member MUST exclude the other person when submitting the work, or notify the examiner.
The group is a group and both students should be active and aware of the labs content. It's not ok to divide the work and not know the other half. Both group members has a responsibility here. If you submit as a group and we find that one of the groupmembers has very little knowledge of the lab or parts of the lab then *the group* is rejected i.e. both students fail in the lab. In severe cases we will also report a case of cheating.

Mechanical help

Also observe that you are not supposed to use tools for program construction like an interface builder unless the examiner say it's ok. Since a course like this deals a lot with program design it's not appropriate to have a tool do the design.


This document describes what files to submit and how to organize them.

Submission details