Software Engineering using
Formal Methods
TDA293/DIT270, LP1, HT2015

Course Evaluation

Student Representatives

For the purpose of course evaluation, a number of student representatives will have the role of giving feedback to the teacher, in two meetings or so.

We are grateful to have the students

  • Florian Minges (mingesATstudentDOTchalmersDOTse)
  • Jonathan Orrö (orroATstudentDOTchalmersDOTse)
  • Ronakorn Soponpunth (ronakornATstudentDOTchalmersDOTse)
  • Jimmy Svensson (jimmysvATstudentDOTchalmersDOTse)
  • Arun Kumar Unnikrishnan (arunkuATstudentDOTchalmersDOTse)
  • Arvid Andersson (gusandarcATstudentDOTguDOTse)
  • Khaled Al-Sabbagh (gusalskhATstudentDOTguDOTse)
  • as course representatives. To support their task, please approach them with any comments and feedback you may have about the course.

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