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Discussion Board

There is a discussion board that everyone involved in the course can use for general discussion on the lectures, the exercises, the book, organizational questions. Do not post your specific questions or part solutions to lab assignments here!

If you are looking for a lab partner, this might be the place to look.

Google Discussion Board for the course

Problems? Questions? With Programming Assignments

I asume that you will try to start your labs in good time, and read the lab descriptions carefully. If you get stuck, here is what to do:

  • Prepare Your Question -- If you are going to ask for help it is good if your question is as concrete as possible. Prepare the answers to the following questions:
  • What part of the lab assignment are you stuck on?
  • What parts of the lab assignment did you already succeed with?
  • How are you stuck?
  • Does GHCi not accept your program? - In that case, what is the error message?
  • Does your program produce the wrong result? - In that case, what result is produced, and what result did you expect? And why?
  • You are lost as to what to write? - In that case, what did you already try? What do you want to accomplish? How do you think you should accomplish this?
  • What part of your code is the problem?
  • Ask For Help on The Discussion Board -- If your question is a general question, for example "What does this error message mean?" or "Why doesn't QuickCheck work on this property?", you can consider posting it at the discussion board. Do not show lab-specific code in your questions! If your problem is very lab-specific, it is often possible to re-formulate your question in more general terms.

  • A suggestion from one of the students in 2013:

  • Ask for help during Evgeny's and Simon's drop-in office hours The labs are graded by the course assistants Evgeny and Simon (who both know what is needed to pass the labs since they are doing the grading).

  • (final resort!) Ask For Help by E-Mail -- If all else fails, you can try to send us e-mail with a question: send to evgenyk, simonhu and dave (at

    Here, it is more important than ever to have a well-prepared question (see above)! Please do include enough information about your problem (pieces of your code that seem to be the problem, error messages, etc.), but do not send your whole program!