Databases (HT2014)

Databases (HT2014)


2017-08-15 Graham Kemp is responsible for the TDA357/DIT620 re-exam on 24 August 2017. If you sit this exam you may bring one A4 sheet with hand-written notes. You may write on both sides of that sheet. If you bring a sheet, it must be handed in with your answers to the exam questions. Some previous exams set by Graham Kemp are available online.
2015-05-03 I lost a few working days in April, so I'm a bit behind with marking the re-exam. Papers from GU students have been marked, and will be reported soon. I'm working on the papers from Chalmers students.
2015-02-05 There will be an exam review at 12:30 to 13:00 on Monday 9 February 2015, in room 6128 in the EDIT building (floor 6).
2015-02-02 Solutions for some of the questions in the HT2014 exam are on the exam information web page. More solutions will be added soon.
2014-12-17 There is a problem with the Fire server at the moment. This has been reported, and hopefully it will be fixed soon. The Fire system is up again.
2014-12-10 Part of the lecture on Tuesday 16 December 2014 will be for revision, and I plan to recap any topics that you request. If you would like a particular topic to be covered, please send an e-mail message to Graham Kemp with the subject "TDA357 Revision" before 17:00 on Monday 15 December.
2014-12-01 Notes on the meeting with course representatives have been added to the course web site (local access).
2014-09-17 Exam dates and times are publicised in the Student Portal. The exam is on Tuesday 13 January 2015, 14:00-18:00.

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