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Tentagranskning time announcement

The tentagranskning will be in the EDIT room (3364), on Wednesday 20/11 and Thursday 21/11, at 12:00 to 13:00.


Extra lab session tomorrow instead of tutorial

The tutorial in 3507 tomorrow (Friday 18/11) will be replaced by a final lab supervision session.


Grading guidelines for GU students.

The grading information has so far only reflected the requirements for Chalmers students. We have now added grading guidelines to the course info page for GU students as well.


URGENT: Preparing for the exam on 24 Oct 2013.

For exam preparation, we'd like to once again direct your attention to the front matter of the upcoming exam. In addition, please join the Google group if you have not already done so, as instructions, study tips and a sample exam paper will be published there shortly.


Lecture hall change

Due to the lack of space and poor air quality in EL41/42, we will switch lecture halls starting this Monday. On Mondays lectures will be in hall EE and on Thursdays lectures will be in hall ED.


Course rep meeting

This Friday, there will be a meeting with the course representatives immediately after the tutorial session. If you have questions or feedback, please contact your course reps about it before then.


Guest lecture announcement

In the coming weeks, we have a battery of quest lecturers, experts in their respective fields. Namely:

  • Thu. 19/9: Michal Palka will be giving a lecture about JR
  • Mon. 30/9: Cons Åhs will be giving a lecture about Erlang
  • Mon. 14/10: Wolfgang Ahrendt will be giving a lecture about model checking with SPIN


Getting started with Erlang

The free, online book Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good is an excellent resource for beginning Erlang programmers.

Thanks to Behrouz Talebi for posting this to the Google group.


Lab updates: lab 3 in Erlang OR JR; deadlines pushed forward by one week

We have decided to offer a choice on whether to do the third lab in Erlang or JR. To accommodate this, the first deadlines for labs 3 and 4 have been pushed forward one week. Please see the timetable for more information.


Info about the Friday tutorial

Tomorrow's tutorial will be from 1515 onwards, and will last as long as the students want, upto a maximum of 40 mins + 20 mins. We will have a meeting with the course reps after the tutorial. The tutorial is of course entirely optional.

The tutorial is meant firstly for questions by the students, and secondly for questions from me to them. Questions can include attempts at solving problems (from the book, or old exams, etc.). I cannot promise answers on the spot, but may have to carry questions over to the next tutorial.


Fire system operational

You can now register and create a lab group in the Fire system.


Updated lab deadlines

The second and final deadlines for labs 3 and 4 have been changed. Please take a look at the schedule and mark the new dates.


Google calendar operational

The course now has a Google calendar on the timetable page, which will be updated on a weekly basis.


Google group operational

This course has a Google group. Now you can sign up for it!


Course webpage up

The course web page is now up and running.

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