Bioinformatics (2011/2012)

Lecture GK-3

Perl (2)



After this lecture you will be able to:

Supplementary Material

The lecture handout, featuring some of the lecture slides, is available on-line.
Download PDF

Programs from the lecture: /chalmers/users/kemp/MVE360/lecture3/

The Perl Reference Guide is available on-line in several formats, including an HTML version and PDF on eight pages (local access). An extract featuring the most useful parts of the reference guide on four pages is also available (local access).

There is extensive documentation about the Perl programming language at

If you particularly want a reference book on Perl (not necessary for this course) O'Reilly Media, Inc. have established a strong reputation for their books on computer technologies, and their web site is well worth a look. They have a range of books about Perl.

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