EDA122/DIT061 Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems, 2010 (7,5 hp)


Information about the course can be found in the Course PM, see link below.

Most of the material on these pages are  password protected.
The username and password will be announced at the first lecture.
If you missed the first lecture, please ask a fellow student for the username and password.

Last updated: 2010-10-25

Messages from the examiner


We have extended the deadline for the (first) submission of the lab reports. The new deadline is 23.59,  Nov 1, 2010. 


The exam and solutions to problem 1-3 is now available under Old exams.


The results of the lab report reviews are posted on the Student Portal under Results. If your report is not approved, you will receive an email with feedback from the lab instructors.


The slides for Exercise 10 are now available.


The slides for Lecture 17 is now available


I have added the Functional Safety sheet from SP to the reading instructions. Please read this sheet carefully, it complements the description of hazard and risk analysis given in the course book and the lectures.   


On the Course material page I have added links to two papers that provide introductions to the Laplace transform .  ( You can also search for "Introduction to Laplace transforms")

The slides from the exercises is now available under Exercises above. (They were previously placed on the lectures page.)


The slides for Lecture 16 is now available


The slides for Lecture 15 is now available


The slides for Lecture 14 is now available


An updated version of Jan Jacobson's slides was upload just before his lecture today.  The functional safety leaflet handed out by Jan is part of the course material. The leaflet is available under Course material.


The slides for Lecture 10 is now available


The slides from exercise 5 providing an introduction to laboratory class 2  and preliminary slides (last year's edition) for Torbjörn Hult's guest lecture are now available under Lectures.


The PM for laboratory class 2 is now available under Course material.


The slides from exercise 3 providing an introduction to laboratory class 1 are now available under Lectures.


It is now possible to sign up for the lab sessions on the Student portal for both GU and Chalmers students. More info about the labs are available in the course PM. 


The extra lecture will be given Wednesday, Sept. 13, 8 - 10 in lecture hall EC.


The extra lecture will given Wednesday, September 13, 8 - 10.  The theme for this lecture will be availability modeling, the slides are available under Lectures. The lecture plan in the course pm has been updated accordingly. The lecture hall will be announced as soon as possible.


The PM for laboratory class 1 is now available under Course material. The black board example from lecture 4 is now available under Lectures.


Please read the Ariane 501 Failure Report (available under course material above) before Lecture 5, which is given on Monday, September 13, 13.15 - 15.00.  We will have an interactive discussion about the causes of the Ariane 5 accident during the lecture.

Laboratory assignment No. 1 will be introduced at the exercise class given on Monday, September 13, 15.15 - 17.00.  It is highly recommended to attend this exercise.

The slides for lecture 5 are now available.


The slides for lecture 4 are now available.


The time for the first meeting for the course evaluation will decided at the lecture on Thursday, Sept 9. So far, the evaluation group consists of five students. There is room for two more students in the group.


A preliminary version of the reading instructions is now available, see link above.  Note: reading instructions for a few more papers will be added later.


The compendium of exercises are now available, see the link course material above.


We need to schedule an extra lecture to compensate for the one that was cancelled on Monday, August 30. I suggest to have it on Wednesday, September 15, either 8-10 or 15-17.  The date and time will decided at the lecture given Thursday, September 9.


The student representatives for the course evaluation will be elected during the lecture on Monday, September 6.


The slides for lecture 3 are now available.


The first lecture is given in lecture hall EB at 10.00, Thursday September 2.


Johan Karlsson, ext. 1670, office 4107, johan(at)chalmers(dot)se (examiner and lecturer)

Negin Fathollah Nejad Asl, ext. 5211, office 4447 negin(at)chalmers(dot)se (teaching assistant)

Risat Pathan, ext. 5216, office 4479, risat(at)chalmers(dot)se (laboratory assistant)