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The schedule in general

The most common times are as follows, for exceptions see schedule changes below.

Monday lecture 10.00-11.45 in HB1. Thursday lecture 15.15-17.00 in HB1. The follow-up lecture for each module is compulsory, but attend ONLY if you have submitted your answers to the module, with the self-check passed!

Most common supervision times:

Look in the TimeEdit schedule to check weekly schedule and rooms for supervision. If you sit in the small group rooms, you can sign up for help on a list in the corridor. If not all groups have had a chance to ask a last question before scheduled supervision ends, someone will stay to supervise until every listed group has had a chance to ask. If intensity is low, we will take a look at least at the beginning of every 45 min block.

For supervision at other times, you are welcome to contact any one of us at any time.

Schedule details 2018

In 2018 the weekly modules will mostly be introduced on Mondays, except for Module 5 which is introduced on Wednesday May 2. A module may sometimes extend outside the ordinary week due to irregularities in the schedule. In 2018 the follow-up lectures will always be on Thursdays.

Module 1 begins on Monday March 19 and ends on Sunday March 25.

Special introductory lecture on modelling and problem solving on Thursday March 22.

Module 2 runs from Monday March 26 to Sunday April 15.

Module 3 runs from Monday April 9 (introductory lecture) to Sunday April 22. After the introductory lecture you can also begin with the Bouncing Balls programming lab.

Module 4 runs from Monday April 23 to Sunday April 29.

Module 5 runs from WEDNESDAY May 2 (introductory lecture) to WEDNESDAY May 9.

Special lecture on problem solving on Monday May 7.

Module 6 runs from Monday May 14 to Sunday May 20.

On Thursday May 24 after the lecture we provide a final scheduled supervision for any remaining matters. You are welcome to contact the course supervisors for additional supervision as needed.

The final report is due on Sunday May 27. During the examination week we will schedule the meetings for report feedback mainly on Thursday and Friday.

Mathematical modelling and problem solving