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(All introductory lectures will be posted.)

Complementary literature

The main element of this course is to learn a skill by doing the problems, so we have no coursebook. However, as complementary reading about models, I highly recommend the following book

This is an easy-to-read and mostly non-mathematical book, which in a nice and general way deepens the understanding of models and how they can be used.

Then, there are many books about mathematical modelling. Books that are relatively close to the spirit of this course are

A classic book about mathematical problem solving is and I highly recommend you to read it some time. However, no book that I know of covers the entire scope of this course. You are not recommended to buy any of these books now! If you would like a book about mathematical modelling after you have solved the problems and for future reference then Giordano would be the first choice.

Mathematical modelling and problem solving