EDA122/DIT061 Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems, 2009 (7,5 hp)


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Most of the material on these pages are  password protected.
The username and password was announced at the second lecture.
If you missed the second lecture, please ask a fellow student for the username and password.

Last updated: 2010-08-18

Messages from the examiner


The solutions for the exam given August 17, 2010  is now available.


Extra occasions for exam reviews will take place Wednesday, Nov 11, and Thursday, Nov 12, in room 4128, 12.30 - 13.15.


The final lecture (held on Thursday) will be devoted to finalising the presentation of the Time-Triggered Architecture, an overview of fault injection techniques, a course summary, and a final Q&A session.

Since I am running late with the lectures, I have decided to skip the paper "Definition of Software Fault Emulation Operators: a Field Data Study".  Consequently, the exam will not contain any questions on this paper.    


I have updated the slides for lectures 12. They now include only those slides that were actually presented during the lecture. The remaining slides have been transferred to lecture 13. 


Due to the fact that I didn't manage to talk about all slides during lecture 12, I have decide to postpone the presentation of time-triggered systems until Thursday. Lecture 13 (tomorrow) will be devoted to a recap of Lecture 12,  further discussions of  failure modes, failure models, multi-layer fault tolerance, and time redundancy.


Reading instruction for lecture 12: Section 3.3.1 in Avizienis et al, "Basic Concepts and Taxonomy of Dependable and Secure Computing", pp. 18-19.


Don't forget to sign up for the exam. The examination sign-up closes on Friday, October 2, at 12.00 pm.


The slides for Jan Jacobson's guest lecture are now available.

An updated version of today's lecture (lecture 10) is now available.

You can find information about master's thesis projects at RUAG Space here.
Torbjörn Hult has informed me that there are currently no thesis projects available in
computer engineering or software engineering, but he expects that such projects will
be announced during October or November.    


The slides from Torbjörn Hult's guest lecture are now available
The pm for lab 2 and a set of GSPN problems are now available under Course material. 


The slides for today's lecture has been updated with more examples.


Previous info about the change of the lab times was wrong.  This is the correct info:  

You can now sign up for the lab session on the Student Portal, to go there click here.
There are two choices: Monday 17- 21 or Wednesday 17 - 21. 

Note: There is no lab session on Thursday 17 - 21, as was previously stated in TimeEdit. This error is now corrected.


The pm for lab 1 is available under Course material. 


The technical problem with the web server has now been fixed. To access the lecture slides, course material and old exams you need  the username and password, which were announced during lecture 2.


The compendium of exercises is now available under "handouts" on the student portal.


The first lecture is given in HA, 13.15 - 15.00,  Monday, August 31, 2009.


Johan Karlsson, ext. 1670, office 4107, johan(at)chalmers(dot)se (examiner and lecturer)

Daniel Skarin, ext. 5717, office 4127 skarin(at)chalmers(dot)se (teaching assistant)

Risat Pathan, ext. 5216, office 4479, risat(at)chalmers(dot)se (laboratory assistant)