Gramlet Example: Letters

Compatibility note: This applet has been informally tested with Internet Explorer/Windows and Netscape 7.0/SunOS. As usual, the applet displays irregular behaviour (or fails to work at all) for some combinations of browser, Java and operating system versions. If you have problems running the applet, please let us know.

Quick start

Select "Letter" (by clicking) in the list "New Category" to start editing a new letter. Editing then proceeds by filling in the question marks (in the upper text area) by selecting refinements from the lower left text area (by clicking). For the first question mark, there is only one choice: "r MkLetter". After selecting this refinement, there will be more options. If there are several question marks, they can be edited in any order: use the buttons "?<" and ">?" to navigate between question marks.

The letter is displayed in several languages at the same time, changes are always reflected immediately in all shown languages. The checkboxes at the top of the window decides what languages are currently shown.