Lexicon Extraction Tool

Markus Forsberg and Aarne Ranta


The tool extract is used to automatically extract lemma-paradigm pairs for a target morphology.

The tool was developed primarily for morphologies defined in Functional Morphology (FM), but is useful for all similar systems that implement a word-and-paradigm description of a morphology. The extract tool can be viewed as an advanced search tool, which uses regular expressions and propositional logic to classify words into paradigms.


Source code      : the extract tool (v2.0)

Source code      : the extract tool (v1.0BETA4)


Extract technical report 2.0

old extract manual


Requires the GHC compiler

  1. Download source code
  2. tar xvfz Extract_2.0.tgz
  3. cd Extract_2.0
  4. make
  5. This produces a binary: extract_cg

Bug Report

Send bug reports to markus(at)cs.chalmers.se.