We are a Visualization Company with a strong foundation in Research and Development in animation and 3D graphics. We provide a competitive edge to our clients by creating compelling 3D experiences that involve, inspire and engage a broader audience on the web. Our mission is the change the web by turning uninspiring 2D interfaces and 2D images into immersive 3D visualizations on the internet. We are passionate about making 3D available everywhere, without the need of proprietary software, plugins or add-ons.


Through cutting edge applied research, Mindary’s development team is dedicated to push the boundaries of today’s browser technology to bring virtual high-end 3D graphics to the web. Mindary’s fantastic team of bright graphics researchers, code ninjas and world-leading animators is dedicated to create new breakthroughs within the use of today’s open 3D standard WebGL and HTML 5.

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  • Mindary is born!

    Mindary AB is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and is a result of an adorable marriage between the award-winning animation studio Meindbender and World-leading researchers from the Graphics Research Group at Chalmers University of Technology. Mindary´s groundbreaking technology aims to touch people’s lives by bringing real time and high-fidelity 3D to the internet.

  • Demo soon to be released for web visualization!

    It will be possible to download a video clip in the digital showroom to view the solution. Please contact us if you would like to walk around in the full demo in WebGL. Read more »


Mindary Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 5, Box 8077, 402 78 Göteborg TELEPHONE: +46 (0) 706 66 34 78