TFP 2020 Accepted Papers

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A list of papers with abstracts can be found here.

David Janin. An equational modeling of asynchronous concurrent programming
Joanna Sharrad and Olaf Chitil. Delta Debugging Type Errors in Real-World Programs
Jim Newton. Performance Comparison of Several Folding Strategies
Ruben P. Pieters and Tom Schrijvers. PaSe: An Extensible and Inspectable DSL for Micro-Animations
Nico Naus and Tim Steenvoorden. Generating next step hints for task oriented programs using symbolic execution
Agustín Mista and Alejandro Russo. BinderAnn: Automated Reification of Source Annotations for Monadic EDSLs
Satoru Kawahara and Yukiyoshi Kameyama. One-shot Algebraic Effects as Coroutines
Philipp Kant, Kevin Hammond, Duncan Coutts, Matthias Güdemann, Javier Diaz, Wolfgang Jeltsch, Polina Vinogradova, Nicholas Clarke, Jared Corduan, James Chapman, Neil Davies and Marcin Szamotulski. Fusing Flexibility with Formality: Practical Experience with Agile Formal Methods in Large-Scale Functional Programming (Position Paper)
Lukas Immanuel Schiller. Placement Strategies: Structured Skeleton Composition with Location Aware Remote Data
Seyed Hossein Haeri and Peter Van Roy. A Family of λ-Calculi with Ports
Willem Seynaeve, Koen Pauwels and Tom Schrijvers. State will do
Birthe van den Berg, Peter Dedecker and Tom Schrijvers. A DSL for fluorescence microscopy
Ricardo Peña and Jaime Sánchez-Hernández. White-Box Path Generation in Recursive Programs
Péter Bereczky, Dániel Horpácsi and Simon Thompson. A Proof Assistant Based Formalisation of Core Erlang
Evan Sitt, Xiaotian Su, Beka Grdzelishvili, Zurab Tsinadze, Zongpu Xie, Hossameldin Abdin, Giorgi Botkoveli, Nikola Cenikj, Tringa Sylaj and Viktoria Zsok. Implementation of Digital Synthesis in Functional Programming
Martin Elsman and Ken Friis Larsen. Efficient Translation of Certain Irregular Data-Parallel Array Comprehensions
Pieter Koopman, Steffen Michels and Rinus Plasmeijer. Dynamic Creation of Well-Typed DSL Expressions
Stien Vanderhallen, Georgios Karachalias and Tom Schrijvers. How to Go Eff Without a Hitch: On Efficient Compilation from Eff to OCaml (Extended Abstract)