Tables of Blissymbol definitions

Important note: These tables are created from a snapshot from the Blissymbol database, from February 2015. There might be errors and inconsistencies that have been correct later. The latest version of the database are currently located in the following Github repository:

Here are tables of definitions of the Blissymbol vocabulary. The definitions are (mostly) auto-generated from the original WinBliss files, so some of them contain errors.

The symbol tables are divided into groups:

Note: A "word" is here a Blissymbol that can be defined as a sequence of other Blissymbols. E.g., "accusation" is a word, since it consists of "mouth" followed by "opposition,counter_purpose". But "language" is not a word even though it is defined by "mouth" plus "ear", since they are overlapping each other. (For now, this information is not included in the database).

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