Raúl Pardo

Ph.D student in Computer Science at Chalmers University of Technology

Email: pardo at chalmers.se

Phone: +46 31 772 17 57

Visiting address: Rännvägen 6 Room: 5447, 5th floor (EDIT-building)

Postal Address: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, 412-96 Gothenburg, Sweden

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About me

I am Raúl Pardo, Ph.D. student in computer science in the Software Technology division at Deparment of Computer Science and Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology.

Research interest

My research is focused on enforcing privacy properties in big data systems, in particular social networks, by using formal methods. Currently, I am looking into the possibility of using knowledge-based logic for modelling deontic and epistemic properties of the system. This logic enables the possibility of definning more expressive privacy settings and also provides developers with tools to formally verify that the private information of the users is protected. I am under supervision of Gerardo Schneider and David Sands.


Licentiate Thesis

The licentiate thesis is part of the licentiate degree, which is a half way Ph.D. title which can be acquired in Sweden.

The licentate degree also requires to pass a licentiate seminar. It consists of a presentation of the results included the thesis and a discussion with an influencial researcher in the topic, who in my case was Deepak Garg from Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany.

  • Presentation

  • Discussion with Deepak Garg

  • Teaching

    Master thesis supervision

    Current students

    • Mushfiqur Rahman
    • Niklas Wärvik

    Past students

    • Ivana Kellyérová


    Since 2013 I am involved in the following courses as Teaching Assistant (TA):

    Software Engineering using Formal Methods

    Concurrent Programming