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Tiled and Clustered Forward Shading (2012)

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Update - 2012-10-21

The demo promised in my Siggraph talk (can be viewed on Siggraph encore, though unfortunately not for free) is finally ready for release. The demo implements the clustering from the talk, combined with the hierarchical light assignment from our paper .

Warning: Alas, I must note that the demo reportedly fails to work correctly on AMD Radeon HD 7000 series cards (Probably includes HD 5000 and above). I do not own any high-end AMD hardware, but it works on a Radeon HD 3100. I will strive to debug this remotely, somehow. Help from AMD card owners much appreciated.

I find the visually most interesting feature to be the debug visialization of the clusters (toggle with 'g'), as illustrated below. The left image shows the camera view point used, the middle the clusters produced, and the last shows tiles for comparison. Pressing 'f' toggles freezing the debug data, allowing it to be viewed from alternate views.

Clustered Shading Clustered Shading Tiled Shading

The below shots show off the clusters resulting from transparent geometry. The geometry passes needed to find these clusters takes 0.56 ms on my GTX 580. The left image shows the viewpoint, the middle one an alternate view, and the rightmost a top down view of the scene. This set also shows clearly how clusters further from the view point are much larger (in world space) to remain more or less cubic whilst the same size in screen space.

Clustered Shading Clustered Shading Clustered Shading

Tiled and Clustered Forward Shading (2012)

Ola Olsson , Markus Billeter and Ulf Assarsson



Tiled and Clustered Forward Shading are new techniques that enable support for thousands of lights, while eliminating many of the drawbacks of deferred techniques. Ths talk shows how these techniques can be used and extended to support transparency with high efficiency.

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