-- The delay monad, defined coinductively

{-# OPTIONS --without-K --safe #-}

module Delay-monad where

open import Prelude

-- The delay monad.


  data Delay {a} (A : Set a) (i : Size) : Set a where
    now   : A           Delay A i
    later : Delay′ A i  Delay A i

  record Delay′ {a} (A : Set a) (i : Size) : Set a where
      force : {j : Size< i}  Delay A j

open Delay′ public

module _ {a} {A : Set a} where


    -- A non-terminating computation.

    never : Delay A 
    never = later never′

    never′ : Delay′ A 
    force never′ = never

  -- Removes a later constructor, if possible.

  drop-later :  {i} {j : Size< i}  Delay A i  Delay A j
  drop-later (now   x) = now x
  drop-later (later x) = force x