Near Real-Time Multi-GPU ωK Algorithm for SAR Processing


This paper presents a Near-Real-Time multi-GPU acceler-ated solution of the ωk Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data focusing, obtained in Stripmap SAR mode. Starting from an input raw data, the algorithm subdivides it in a grid of a configurable number of bursts along track. A multithreading CPU-side support is made available in order to handle each graphic device in parallel. Then each burst is assigned to a separate GPU and processed including Range Compression, Stolt Mapping via ChirpZ and Azimuth Com-pression steps. We prove the efficiency of our algorithm by using Sentinel-1 raw data (approx. 3.3 GB) on a commod-ity graphics card; the single-GPU solution is approximately 4x faster than the industrial multi-core CPU implementation (General ACS SAR Processor, GASP), without significant loss of quality. Using a multi-GPU system, the algorithm is approximately 6x faster with respect to the CPU processor.

Big Data from Space (BiDS)