List of students

Master Students

a.a. 2019 - 2020

  • Adrian Navarro Perez and Samuel Soutullo Sobral. Project: Game Design and Implementation of Physics-Based Interactions between Player and Environment Elements
  • Razmus Strandell. Project: An Interactive 3D Modeling Tool for Creating and Managing Soft Body Animations

a.a. 2018 - 2019

  • Peter McEvoy. Project: Capturing and Simulating Fluorescence in Fabrics
  • Tom Ille. Project: Plastic deformations of car bodyworks in real-time applications
  • Bjarne Gelotte and Jonas Graul Sadhal. Project: Remeshing algorithms for improving real-time cloth animation
  • Matilda Horppu. Project: Improving the Understanding of Infection Outbreaks in Hospitals Through Interactive Data Visualization

a.a. 2017 - 2018

  • Anton Freudenthaler and Malin Thelin. Project: An interactive modeling tool for designing 3D virtual clothes
  • Vidar Nelson. Project: Accelerating physics based animation using machine learning
  • Kittipon Chaikittiwanich and Wasamas Leakpech at Electrolux

a.a. 2016 - 2017

  • Pontus Pall and Oskar Nylén. Project: Fast solver for hexahedral particle systems
  • Anton Hallin and Azer Vilic at Semcon. Project: Personalization in treatment of Parkinson’s disease
  • Juan Pablo Contreras Franco at Ericsson. Project: Large sized UML’s state machine rendering algorithms

a.a. 2015 - 2016

  • Antonio Tammaro at Volvo. Project: Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Points
  • Patrik Nygren and Michael Jasinski at Volvo. Project: Implementation and evaluation of a point cloud segmentation-classification pipeline
  • Andrea Lacagnina. Project: A Geometric Approach for Interactive Hand Tracking
  • Jakob Svensson. Project: Parallel GPU-Based Fluid Animation

a.a. 2014 - 2015

  • Marcus Hultman. Project: Interactive Secondary Motion for Virtual Faces

Bachelor Students

a.a. 2019 - 2020:

  • Jesper Berglind, Kasper Hall, Edvin Leidö, Anders Magnusson, Emma Nirvin, Alexander Selmanovic
  • Erik Bock, Hampus Ekberg, Noel Hall, Erik Karlsson Nordling, Axel Karlsson, Alexander Simola Bergsten
  • Tommy Räjert, Fredrik Albers, Karl Andersson, Anton Forsberg, Lovisa Gran, Daniel Olsson, Axel Svensson,

a.a. 2018 - 2019:

  • Anton Annlöv, Anders Hansson, Simon Kärrman, Örjan Sunnerhagen, Cornelis Törnquist Sjöbeck, Joakim Wingård
  • Oskar Grönqvist, Erik Magnusson, Ibrahim Naboulsi, Lucas Norman Jonsson, Matilda Sjöblom, My Sundqvist
  • Jonathan Andersson Kraft, Ken Bäcklund, Elias Hällqvist, Leo Karlsson Oinonen, Oskar Lyrstrand, Arvid Runvik

a.a. 2016 - 2017:

  • Patrick Andersson, Pontus Eriksson, Adam Ingmansson, Love Westlund Gotby
  • Johan Andersson, Lage Bergman, Erik Hildinge, Johan Iversen, Daniel Johansson
  • Matilda Andersson, Kim Berger, Fredrik Burhöi Bengtsson, Bjarne Gelotte, Jonas Graul Sagdahl, Sebastian Kvarnström
  • Tobias Alldén, Martin Chemander, Sherry Davar, Jonathan Jansson, Rickard Laurenius, Philip Tibom   (with Vincenzo Gulisano)

a.a. 2015 - 2016:

  • Sven Hellsten, Jakob Larsson, Peter Mc Evoy, Vidar Nelson, Victor Olausson, Jonatan Solin
  • Joakim Thorén, Thomas Högberg, Anna Nylander, Sebastian Ekman, Anders Hansson, Alma Ottedag
  • Eric Bjuhr, Alexander Branzell, Fredrik Enetorp, Armand Ghaffarpour, Per Ljung, Olle Svanström

Students advised or co-advised at Sapienza and Linköping

  • Antonio Passarella - a.a. 2011 - 12 3D real-time visualization on mobile platforms

  • Giovanni Murru - a.a. 2011 - 12 Mobile Augmented Reality

  • Roberta Rietti - a.a. 2006 - 07 Estrazione Automatica della Linea Centrale del Colon da Immagini Medicali 3D con Applicazione nella Colonscopia Virtuale

  • Marco Andolfi - a.a. 2007 - 08 3D model generation from a real human face Thesis developed at the Linköping University (Sweden)

  • Luca Mancini - a.a. 2006 - 07 Simulazione 3d di fluidi controllati con Potenziale Geometrico

  • Andrea Bracciale - a.a. 2006 - 07 Dinamica di Corpi Deformabili Basata sulle Posizioni

  • Fiammetta Pascucci - a.a. 2006 - 07 A Position Based Approach to Ragdoll Simulation Thesis developed at the Linköping University (Sweden)

  • Claudio Ponziani - a.a. 2006 - 07 Animazione Interattiva di Esplosioni

  • Marco Avallone - a.a. 2006 - 07 Animazione in 3D di fluidi incomprimibili

  • Francesco Iannucci - a.a. 2005 - 06 Simulazione Anatomica di Muscoli Facciali per Volti Virtuali Generici

  • Giacomo De Martino - a.a. 2005 - 06 Algoritmi per l’illuminazione interattiva di materiali traslucenti deformabili su GPU

  • Gabriele Fanelli - a.a. 2005 - 06 Automatic Facial Features Tracking using Active Appearance Models Thesis developed at the Linköping University (Sweden)

  • Graziella Geremia - a.a. 2005 - 06 Sintesi di volti virtuali da foto ortogonali

  • Massimo Cianchettini - a.a. 2005 - 06 Virtual Desktop Simulato Fisicamente

  • Maurizio Conventi - a.a. 2005 - 06 Physically-based Animations of 3D Biped Characters with Genetic Algorithms Thesis developed at the Linköping University (Sweden)

  • Marta De Cinti - a.a. 2005 - 06 Simulazione Interattiva di Capelli

  • Sandra Trejo Guerrero - a.a 2005 - 06 Model-Based Eye Detection and Animation Thesis developed at the Linköping University (Sweden)

  • Marco Zaratti - a.a. 2004 - 05 Modellazione e Simulazione di Legged Robot con USARSim