OK, so the picture is grainy.

I refuse to apply smoothing algorithms to it.  People would think that I have wrinkles and am trying to hide them.  (I have and I do, but I prefer not to broadcast this fact to the world.  I have some personal pride still.) Anyway, the picture was taken some 10–15 years ago.  I’m told I’m still recognizable.  I still have most of my hair.

I’m a faculty member of Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden, in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering. These pages are a complement to my official web page, which tells only half the story. If that.


Lars Svensson’s home page

Name: Lars Svensson

Phone: +46 (0)31 772 1704

Fax: +46 (0)31 772 3663

Email: larssv@chalmers.se

Office: Room 4477, EDIT-building

Directions: enter from Maskingränd; stairs/elevator to level 4 west; knock on door or call me to enter corridor

Chalmers links

  1. Chalmers University

  2. Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

  3. VLSI Design Group

  4. FlexSoC project


Other links

  1. Sweden Chapter of the SSC Society is where I hang out. 

  2. Dô!  De e la GAIS va!