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Josef Svenningsson

I am an assistant professor in the Functional Programming Group at the CSE department at Chalmers.
I defended my PhD thesis successfully March 23 2007.

Reaching me

My office number is 5451 and my phone number is +46 31 772 1072.
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I have a broad interest in Computer Science. Any kind of result which in some way affect the programs I write I find interesting. This includes language design for making it easier to program, language semantics for making my programs easy to understand and optimize, compiler optimizations for making my programs run faster, algorithmics for making my programs run asymptotically faster. Since I mostly program in functional languages they are the ones I mostly care about.

My Ph.D. thesis focuses on techniques for speeding up (both asymptotically and in the best case) and improving the accuracy of type based program analysis.


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