I am a PhD student in the Computer Science and Engineering department in the Software Technology division at Chalmers University of Technology since 2013.
I received my master's degree in Secure and Dependable Computer Systems from the same university. I am currently doing research under the supervision of Prof. David Sands.
(co-supervisor: Gerardo Schneider, examiner: Andrei Sabelfeld)

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Tools :

  • The PreTPost framework: The PreTPost framework is a transparent generic local differential privacy framework implemented in Python with the aim of verifiably respecting the privacy expectations of individual users that are subject to data collection.
  • The ProPer framework: ProPer is an interactive system implemented in C# for Personalised Differential Privacy which maintains a privacy budget for each individual. When a primitive query is made on data derived from individuals, the provenance of the involved records determines how the privacy budget of an individual is affected.

Interests : security, privacy, opensource, free software and freedom, differential privacy, language-based security and information flow, programming, cryptography, software testing, social networks, functional programming.