[Photo of Thomas Hallgren, July 2016]

Thomas Hallgren

Email:last name at chalmers dot se
Office:EDIT building, room 6105

Research Activities

I am interested in programming language design and implementation in general, but I have spent most of my time on these things:

1987-1993 Type systems with subtypes for functional languages. This is what my Licentiate Thesis is about.
1991-1996 Graphical User Interfaces for functional languages. Magnus Carlsson and I developed Fudgets, a GUI Toolkit for the functional programming language Haskell. We wrote a joint PhD thesis about this.
1996-2001 I spent a lot of time on Alfa, a proof editor implemented using Fudgets. The most recent work was to support natural language by interfacing to Aarne Ranta's Grammatical Framework, GF.
2001-2006 I worked on the Programatica project on tools to support high-assurance programming in Haskell. I also worked on House, an operating system implemented in Haskell.
2009- I worked on the GF grammar compiler and developed some web applications based on GF.

A list of publications is available.