We wish to thank Thomas Johnsson, Lennart and Jessica Augustsson, Johan Nordlander, Bengt Nordström, Niklas Röjemo, David Sands, Colin Runciman and Simon Peyton Jones for proofreading and numerous suggestions for improvements on drafts of the thesis. A special thanks to Ola Freijd, who has made all illustrations and the cover page.

Ideas and implementation work by a number of people have increased the usefulness of the Fudget library. Jan Sparud's space-leak fix in an early version suddenly made it possible to run fudget programs until somebody pulls the plug. Jan also implemented an initial version of the name layout mechanism. Lennart Augustsson's integration of the Xlib interface with HBC's runtime system made fudget programs easier to use and more efficient. John Hughes invented the default parameter simulation, which made fudget programming much more pleasant.

The department of Computing Science has not only provided a wealth of academic stimulus, but also technical and administrative support that has shown a flexibility of unusual quality. Especially, we want to thank Christer Carlsson, Görgen Olofsson, Marie Larsson, Per Lundgren, and Hasse Hellström.

Part of our work has been supported by NUTEK.