A.2 Supported platforms, downloading and installation

At the time of this writing, fudgets run under the X Windows system on a number of Unix platforms, such as NetBSD, FreeBSD, Linux, SunOS 4.1, SunOS 5.x (Solaris 2.x), Digital Unix, IRIX, ...

The Fudget library is available in precompiled form for some of the above mentioned platforms. The library is also available in source form.

To compile the Fudget library (in case you can not use a precompiled distribution) and fudget applications, you need a Haskell compiler. The current version of the library works only with HBC [Aug97], since the library makes use of existential types, which is an extension of Haskell currently supported only by HBC, as far as we know. Earlier versions of the library work with NHC and GHC as well.

The Fudget library and HBC are available for download from

Read the README files and, if you get the precompiled version of the Fudget library, make sure that you get matching versions of the compiler and the library.