Introduction to Computing Science Research

Topics in Functional Programming

This part of the introductory course is about functional programming, with an emphasis on the practical aspects. Below you will find:

Contents of the course


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-12 Intro
Quick overview of local research
Fudgets and stream processors
Koen C:
Magnus C:
Memoisation in Haskell
Presentations by:
Carlos Gonzalia
13-15 Haskell & Libraries,
Type classes,
Lennart A:
Support for graphics in the fudget library
TH: Fudget plumbing (multi meeting) Presentations by:
Staffan Björk

Exercises and examination

To get 1p for this course, you should either You are welcome to suggest other research papers and projects.

Reading material

Here are some pointers to research papers that are relevant to this course. (I haven't read them all, so I can't say how easy they are to read...)

Current research: papers from ICFP'98

Older stuff

Other lists of papers

Other web pages of interest

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