These are the places where I have lived so far:

Lived in 8 countries (3.55%)

These are the cities where I have lived (more or less in chronological order):

1. Paysand˙ (Uruguay)
2. Rivera (Uruguay)
3. Ciudad Pdte. Stroessner (Paraguay -the city changed the name to 'Ciudad del Este' in 1989 for obvious reasons)
4. Concepciˇn del Uruguay (Argentina)
5. La Plata (Argentina)
6. Porto Alegre (Brazil)
7. Caxias do Sul (Brazil)
8. Pelotas (Brazil)
9. Macao (China)
10. Grenoble (France)
11. Uppsala (Sweden)
12. Rennes (France)
13. Oslo (Norway)

14. Gothenburg (Sweden)

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