Fredrik D. Johansson, PhD
Chalmers University of Technology


My research interests are primarily focused on causal inference in machine learning. I have also been working on graph related methods and problems, including graph kernels and probabilistic graphical models.

I am part of the LAB group at the Computer Science department of Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

Here is my CV (April '16).


I have co-developed and co-taught the course Deep Learning

Additionally, I have been a teaching assistant in the following courses at Chalmers University of Technology:


You can contact me by email at frejohk(at) or by coming to my room (6447) in the EDIT building on Chalmers Johanneberg.


Here is my Google Scholar profile.


Peer-reviewed conference publications

Journal articles

Workshop papers

Software & Data

Matching Kernels is a package of graph kernels for MATLAB.

Lovasz-theta Kernel is a package of graph kernels for MATLAB.

DLOREAN is a software for inferring multi-way dynamic networks from node data.

Entity Graphs is a collection of graphs of entity interactions built from data collected by Recorded Future.