FAQ for Requirements Engineering - DAT230/DIT276, lp1, 2010/2011

Course code: DAT165
Examiner/Lecturer: Robert Feldt, Assistants: Ana Magazinius, Ali Shahrokni, Emil Börjesson

FAQ 1. The project description states that we need to specify at least 5 instances of each technique we use. What about I*?

This is not really applicable at the "top level" for I*. For your I* assignment you need to create a strategic dependency (SD) model and a strategic rationale (SR) model of the whole system. You should have at least 5 goals, 5 tasks, 5 soft goals, and 5 resource dependencies in your SR model. And a complete SD model. However, their quality is what is really relevant.

FAQ 2. Why is my assignment 2 not corrected?

Both Ali and Ana are very busy right now and due to the very high number of students they have not corrected all the assignments yet. Please be patient. The final deadline for your assignments will be extended in a way that you have at least one week to correct your report in case of a reject.

FAQ 3. How do we prioritize and do cost-value analysis?

For these steps you will not receive any additional help from the customers. Instead you need to refer to your elicitation meetings and determine which requirements were more important to the customer.

FAQ 4. How do we pick 10 requirements for cost-value analysis? Are they required to be high priority requirements?

They do not need to necessarily be very important requirements. As long as at least 3 are non functional and 3 functional. However, it is recommended that you do not pick very low prioritized requirements for this step. Note that you need to prioritize the rest of the requirements as well using other methods.