Evgenii Kotelnikov

Evgenii Kotelnikov

Ph.D. student in Computer Science department at Chalmers University of Technology

evgenyk@chalmers.se, +46 31 772 17 57

Postal address
412 96, Rännvägen 6, Gothenburg, Sweden
Visiting address
EDIT-building, room 5447

Curriculum vitæ


I am interested in program analysis, automated theorem proving and functional programming. These days I am working on new features of the Vampire theorem prover that make it more attractive to deductive program verification. This is done as part of the TheProSE project. In my master's thesis I explored effectful computations in Scala.

My main academic advisor is Laura Kovács, and my co-advisors are Andrei Voronkov and Moa Johansson.

In the spring of 2017 I spent three months at AWS Security Automated Reasoning Group, led by Byron Cook, working on static analysis of networks using Vampire.




I was a teaching assistant in the following courses at Chalmers:

I develop and maintain Fire, a lab submission system used in our department.

Other activities

I was involved in reviewing for SCSS 2014, FM 2015, LPAR-20, CPP 2016, CICM 2016, FM 2016, PSI-2017, TACAS 2018 and FM 2018.

I was a student volunteer at ICFP 2014 and CADE-26.


I keep track of the cities I visited. I am on Twitter and Facebook. I do most of the hacking on GitHub.