All you need to know about doing a master thesis at CSE

This is my help page for master thesis workers. It's here to answer some of the commonly asked questions.

First have a look at the departments page about master thesis.

These pages are about 30hec (20 weeks) master thesis projects. Most of what is written here can also be applied to the 15hec bachelor thesis.

This is the procedure on how to get and how to do a master thesis:

  1. Check that your prerequisites are sufficient at the department master thesis (MS) page.
  2. How to find a master thesis project. (Read more)

  3. You need to make a description of the proposed thesis, roughly one A4 page in pdf format is enough. Most likely your employer has already made a description but you should make sure that it is well written. (Read more)

  4. Find an examiner and get the proposal approved as a thesis within your masterprogram
    You do that by sending a mail with a description of the thesis and some other information to the master thesis coordinator. (Read more)
    You must do this in good time before you start to work on the thesis, normally at least 6-8 weeks before you want to start.

  5. Now it is time to Register your thesis (it must be registered just like ordinary courses).
    If you did "Find an examiner" correct then this is already done.

  6. Now it is time to Print the thesis work card and get in touch with the examiner ( Read more)

  7. Act as Opponent on someone else thesis. (Read more)
    Preferably you should do this during the first half of your thesis work.

  8. Carry out the work with attention to the Scientific requirements that is demanded. (Read more).

  9. Present your thesis in a written report (read more) and in a speech (read more). You should continuously write on the report.

  10. Reporting the grade for the master thesis.. (Read more).

All the points above are described more carefully if you follow the links.

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