Creating a Fire account and submitting an assignment


This document describes how to create a Fire account and how join a lab group in Fire. You only do this once at the beginning of each course.
And it also describes how to submit an assignment into Fire.
It has very little to do with a specific course or laboration but is the same process for all courses.

Practical things

The programming assignments is normally done in groups of two students and you submit your answers by a electronic reporting system called Fire.
Both students in the group need to create an account in Fire, only one student need to create a labgroup.
This is how this is done. Please read the instructions carefully.

First: Create an account

The first step is to register yourself (create an account) and your lab group in the submission system.
This has to be performed once only and works as follows:
  1. Go to the submission system
    The link can be found on the course homepage, make sure you go to the correct Fire page, ONLY the one found on the course home page for the right year is correct for your course (each course has its own page)
    Bookmark it, you will need it again, click on "Click here to register as a student." and fill in your emailadress, preferably the Chalmers adress.

  2. You will get a mail with a webadress. Click the adress and you will end up at a page where you can fill in your data: name, personal security number and a password.

    Try to spell your name correct as "Firstname Surename" (only the most commonly used first (given) name is needed, with big initial letters and write your personal security number as yymmdd-xxxx. with the dash i.e. the minus sign.

  3. Log on using the account you just created.

Now join a lab group

You can create or join a group by clicking on the corresponding button. If you

That's it. Now you have an account and are a member of a group in Fire.

General instruction for Submitting an Assignment

This is the general procedure:
To submit a assignment, you have to Note: The submission system knows the time! So if you have to submit your labs for example before friday 18.00 then the submission system will close at 18.00 and not accept any more submissions.

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