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Computer Science and Engineering, Room 6452 chrdimi
Chalmers university of technology +46 31772 1044 @
SE-41296 Göteborg

Currently visiting faculty at Harvard until July 2017. On leave from University of Lille (CRISTAL and INRIA-Sequel). At Chalmers only once per month. Check out my availability


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My research involves decision theory, reinforcement learning, statistical inferenceand optimisation, privacy and security



Beliefbox - Statistical inference and decision making toolbox. Please cite using [BibTeX]

TORCS - The Open Racing Car Simulation [PDF] Please cite using [BibTeX]



I primarily cover topics in algorithms, decision making and estimation.

Student projects

Current PhD projects

Secure and private machine learning and decision making.

Master student projects

No specific master thesis projects are proposed, but you are welcome to contact me for projects in artificial intelligence, machine learning, or privacy.

Currently running projects

  • Inverse reinforcement learning.
  • Tensor recommendation systems.
  • Matching under uncertainty.
  • Inferring board game playing styles.

Recently completed projects.

  • Adaptive experiment design for drug development.
  • Recommendation system evaluation.
  • Sampling scheemes for large-scale news recommendation.
  • Identity bridging.
  • Learning to play games from databases of suboptimal play.
  • Reinforcement learning in large discrete domains.
  • Learning to play games from multiple imperfect teachers.
  • Large-scale content extraction from heterogeneous sources.
  • Robust Optimisation and Minimax Bayesian reinforcement learning.