Oberwolfach Seminar: Mathematics for Scientific Computing


List of participants and contact info.


Introduction and tentative schedule

Commented code from lecture on automatic differentiation

Code from Tuesday's session on implementation of interval analysis

Code containing the same applications of interval analysis, re-written to expose the unfolds and folds and the use of various fusion laws.


Jeremy's home page, with links to his blog and publications, in particular:

Calculating Functional Programs, for more details on category theory and its applications to programming.

For reasoning about monadic programs:

Just do it: Simple monadic equational reasoning (with Ralph Hinze)

Unifying Theories of Programming with Monads

References for the proof of the main theorem:

Program Calculation Properties of Continuous Algebras, by Fokkinga and Meijer

Denotational Semantics: A Methodology for Language Development, by David Schmidt

The Category-Theoretic Solution of Recursive Domain Equations, by Smyth and Plotkin (this is the source for "Plotkin's lemma")

References for the participants contributions:

Adriana Balan: (with A. Kurz, J. Velebil) Positive Fragments of Coalgebraic Logics, CALCO2013

published version


Yoichi Hirai: An Intuitionistic Modal Logic for Waitfree Communication

conference paper

Master's thesis

Ivo List: Modal Intervals:

Modal Intervals Revisited, Parts 1 and 2, Goldsztejn A, available here

Efficient computation with Dedekind reals, by A. Bauer, joint work with P. Taylor