Beshr Al Nahas

PhD Student

Networks and Systems Division
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Chalmers University of Technology

About Me

Beshr Al Nahas

I am doing PhD in low-power wireless communication for the Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks.

Interests: Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Low-power Wireless Communication, Distributed Consensus, Embedded Systems


Chalmers University of Technology

Ph.D Candidate and Teaching and Research Assistant

  • Conducting experimental systems research: Designing, implementing and evaluating protocols for the low-power Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks.
    Thesis : Synchronous and Concurrent Transmissions for Consensus in Low-Power Wireless (full text ).
  • Teaching and developing teaching materials for courses.
    • PhD course: Developing applications and network protocols for IoT.
      2017: Developing and teaching both the lectures and the practical part.
    • Master course: Distributed Systems.
      2018/19: Teaching about half the lectures, and takingcare of exams.
      2015-2018: co-developing and co-teaching both the practical part.
    • Master course: Advanced Distributed Systems.
      2015-2019: co-developing and co-teaching the wireless sensor networks part.
    • Bachelor course: Datorsystemteknik (Computer Organization and Design).
      2015-2018: Demonstrating problem-solving and mentoring group assignment.

SICS Swedish ICT - Kista, Stockholm

Researcher in IoT and WSN

Working in the area of Internet of things and wireless sensor networks; covering the whole networking stack from the cloud down to MAC layer and optimizations on HW, but mostly focusing on low-level.

  • Reliable IP for time synchronized channel hopping networks: Implementing the new standard time synchronized 802.15.4e MAC and integrating it with routing (RPL) and IPv6 stack. This project involves porting ContikiOS to NXP jn5168 platform. [Partner: NXP]
  • Smart washing machine using Zigbee home automation (HA 1.2): Developing a prototype of the home gateway which monitors and controls a real washing machine. [Partner: Electrolux]
  • SicsthSense: A RESTful cloud platform for Internet of Things that makes connecting sensors, actuators, smart phones and online services easier than ever. Through this new platform, users can gather their sensor data, share it, look for other’s data, and interact with objects or services.

SICS Swedish ICT - Kista, Stockholm

Intern: Master thesis

Multichannel Communication in Contiki's Low-power IPv6 Stack (link )
Adding frequency resilience through channel hopping to Contiki OS default MAC layer. It survives interference and keeps power consumption < 1% and integrates with 6LoWPAN IPv6 stack.

Arab International University - Syria

Teacher and Lab Instructor

Teaching and developing learning material for the labs:

  • Computer Architecture and Microprocessors,
  • Image Processing and Analysis (MATLAB & OpenCV),
  • Computer Networks,
  • Introduction to Algorithms and Programming.

Syrian Computer Society – Damasucs


  • Teaching programming for kids (using SCRATCH and C).
  • Grading SOI'08 (Syrian Olympiad of Informatics).


Chalmers University of Technology

Jan 2015 - Nov 2019 (expected)

Ph.D in Computer Sceince and Engineering

Uppsala University

Sep 2010 - Jan 2013

M.Sc in Embedded Systems

University of Damascus

Sep 2003 - Aug 2008

BSc., Eng., Electrical and Computer Engineering (5 years)


FDAT110 Developing applications and network protocols for IoT

Course page

TDA596/DIT240 Distributed Systems

Course page

TDA297 Advanced Distributed Systems

Course page

EDA332 Datorsystemteknik

Course page