Applying for a Master Thesis




As I usually have more students that want to do a thesis, than I have resources to supervise I have the following sets of requirements.


  1. To do a successful thesis in security, you should most likely have completed a few courses in security first. If you write me to ask for any thesis projects, make sure you directly attach a transcript from Chalmers or explain how you (in other means) have gained knowledge.
  2. For many projects there is a need for certain skills. That is, if you are to work with network dumps you should have familiarity with such tools (Wireshark). If you are to add a module to a larger program (Bro), you need to be comfortable with that. For many of my projects, I will ask you to solve a small problem as part of your application. See for example this example.
  3. Most students want to start their thesis in January, but this is also when I am the most busy with teaching. Consider starting in the fall. Another shortcut is to take DAT300/DIT615 as we have many shorter projects in that course that can be extended to interesting projects.
  4. The most updated thesis list can be found on this page, but I also tend to publish the alternatives to the department's database. It is a good idea to read all the information there *first* before contacting me.


Current thesis opportunities


New thesis opportunities for 2017/2018 should be published here in September 2017.