JAutomate: a Tool for System- and Acceptance-test Automation
by E. Alégroth, R. Feldt and Helena H. Olsson
System- and acceptance-testing are primarily performed with manual practices in current software industry. However, these practices have several issues, e.g. they are tedious, error prone and time consuming with costs up towards 40 percent of the total development cost. Automated test techniques have been proposed as a solution to mitigate these issues, but they generally approach testing from a lower level of system abstraction, leaving a gap for a flexible, high system-level test automation technique/tool. In this paper we present JAutomate, a Visual GUI Testing (VGT) tool that fills this gap by combining image recognition with record and replay functionality for high system-level test automation performed through the system under test’s graphical user interface. We present the tool, its benefits compared to other similar techniques and manual testing. In addition, we compare JAutomate with two other VGT tools based on their static properties. Finally, we present the results from a survey with industrial practitioners that identifies test related problems that industry is currently facing and discuss how JAutomate can solve or mitigate these problems.
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