The aim of our group is to safeguard communication technologies in order to improve their reliability and performance and thus our quality of life. Our research interests lie mostly in the area of network and information security. More specifically, we are interested in reliable authentication protocols for resource constrained systems such as RFID systems and wireless sensor networks as well as in intrusion detection and response techniques in wired and wireless networks. Furthermore, we are particularly interested on designing privacy-preserving authentication protocols especially when biometrics are involved in the authentication process. Our research is currently funded by EU (FP7), STINT, Chalmers ICT Areas of Advance, VR, SNSF and Västra Götalansregionen.

Post-doctoral researcher

- Dr. Bei Liang
- Gustavo Banegas

PhD Students

- Carlo Brunetta, Topic: "Privacy and Security in Wearable Computing Devices".
- Aristide Tossou (co-supevised with Christos Dimitrakakis), Topic: "Differential Privacy"
- Georgia Tsaloli, Topic: "Security & Privacy in Cloud-assisted Computing".

Visitors and Collaborators

- Prof. Gerhard Hancke, City Univeristy of Hong Kong
- Prof. Keisuke Tanaka, Tokyo Institute of Technology
- Prof. Kanta Matsuura, University of Tokyo
- Eric Yang, City Univeristy of Hong Kong
- Pablo Picazo-Sanchez, University Carlos III Madrid

Previous members and students

- Elena Pagnin, Topic: "Authentication in Constrained-settings"
- Mahesh Perera, Topic: "Multi-hop Distance Estimation"
- Nektaria Kaloudi, Topic: "Two-hop DB"
- Tobias Tillström, Topic: "Smart contracts"
- Erik Hillbom, Topic: "Smart contracts"
- Elena Fuentes Bongenaar, Topic: "Multi-key FHE"
- Aysajan Abidin, Topic: "Privacy-preserving biometric authentication"
- Christoffer Karlsson, MSc Thesis: "Distance-bounding Protocols", Chalmers, July 2014 [ Full Text ]
- Erica Löfstrom, MSc Thesis: "White-box AES Obfuscation"
- André Malm, MSc Thesis: "White-box AES Obfuscation"
- Daniel Olausson, MSc Thesis: "Privacy-preserving biometric authentication"
- Jing Liu, Topic: "Verifiable Delegation of Computation"