Converting Mozilla Address Book into Pine Format.
Provides a step by step description plus an awk script which does the main work.

Converting a .bib file to .bbl format .
Consists of a little awk and a little shell script.


Instructions for some software packets at the chair for TCS.
Actually, there is only a description for Twelf so far. Hans-Wolfgang Loidl maintains a large collection. Die angeleinte Ziege auf der kreisrunden Wiese. Ein kleines Problem aus der Trigonometrie. (Für Max.)


Erdös Number

March 2000: 6. My Erdös Number is at most 6. Jan Johannsen found the following path: Paul Erdös - E. Rodney Canfield - Guo-Qiang Zhang - Thierry Coquand - Martin Hofmann - Thorsten Altenkirch - Andreas Abel

March 2001: 5. Due to a joint paper of Thierry Coquand and Thorsten Altenkirch (TLCA 2001) the upper bound for my Erdös number went down to 5.

December 2004: 4. A paper (TLCA 2005) with Thierry Coquand brings my Erdös Number down to at most 4.



Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes. —Dijkstra

Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity. — Christopher Zeeman, mathematician

Ich fühl mich wie eine Turingmaschine ohne Band.Steffen Jost (25.11.2002)

Weil der Computer nicht mehr ging, habe ich dann theoretisch gearbeitet.Ralph Matthes (16.12.2003)


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