VR Project: Learning, Privacy and the Limits of Computation

Christos Dimitrakakis just obtained a Swedish Research Council Project Grant on Learning, Privacy and the Limits of Computation that will fund one PhD student.

The project will explore the interactions between information theory, algorithm complexity and privacy in the context of statistiacl learning and decision making algorithms.

Students with a strong mathematical background and an interest in learning theory are encouraged to apply.

AAAI 2016

Two of our papers were accepted for presentation at AAAI 2016.

1. ¬†Aristide Tossou and Christos Dimitrakakis “Algorithms for differentially private multi-armed bandits”.

2. With our colleagues at the university of Melbourne: Benjamin Rubinstein, Zuhe Zhang and Christos Dimitrakakis “On the Differential Privacy of Bayesian Inference”.

More details soon.