The NordSec conferences were started in 1996 with the aim of bringing together researchers and practitioners within computer security in the Nordic countries — thereby establishing a forum for discussions and co-operation between universities, industry and computer societies.

Nordsec 2016 will be in Oulu, Finland,
October-November (Exact date TBD)


  Previous events:

NordSec 2015 (Stockholm, Sweden)
NordSec 2014 (Tromsø, Norway)

NordSec 2013 (Ilulissat, Greenland)
NordSec 2012 (Karlskrona, Sweden)
NordSec 2011 (Tallinn, Estonia)
NordSec 2010
(Helsinki, Finland)
NordSec 2009 (Oslo, Norway)
NordSec 2008 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
NordSec 2007 (Reykjavík, Iceland)
NordSec 2006 (Linköping, Sweden)
NordSec 2005
Tartu, Estonia)
NordSec 2004 (
Helsinki, Finland)
NordSec 2003 (
Gjøvik, Norway)
NordSec 2002 (Karlstad, Sweden)
NordSec 2001 (Copenhagen, Denmark)
NordSec 2000 (Reykjavik, Iceland) 
NordSec 1999 (Kista, Sweden) 
NordSec 1998 (Trondheim, Norway) 
NordSec 1997 (Helsinki, Finland) 
NordSec 1996 (Gothenburg, Sweden)



NordSec history


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