MedView Overview

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MedRecords – a formalized input and storage of clinical information

All clinical information is entered using electronic protocols, where case history and data from the clinical examinations are defined by formalized parameters. The patients are registered and identified with a nine-digit code, which is known only to the treating surgeon. The reason is to permit transfer of information within the network without compromising the identity of the patient, and the procedure has been approved by the Swedish Data Inspection Board.

During the clinical interview and examination, the operator enters the correct parameter, which is then inserted adjacent to the corresponding question. Clinical information regarding results from biopsies, laboratory tests and other invasive or non-invasive investigations are included, as are diagnoses, treatment modalities and clinical outcomes of performed therapies.

The clinical appearances of mucosal lesions are registered with digital images. All images in the entire database are saved in a single picture file. The images are given an identity by the programme, and no renaming procedures are required. By a “click-and-drag” procedure, an attachment is made between the individual image and the input protocol