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Ongoing projects

  • SOMWeb - Net Based Knowledge Management as Support for Clinical Practice and Knowledge Sharing. Funded by Vinnova.
  • MedView 4. Development of new Java-based software for MedView. Consists of tools for gathering, viewing and analyzing data. Project leader Olof Torgersson. The tools are:
    • FormEditor and MedRecords for entering data. Developer Nader Nazari.
    • SummaryCreator and MedSummary for viewing cases in the examination room. Developer Fredrik Lindahl.
    • MVisualizer for exploring the collected data. Developers Nils Erichsson and Göran Zachrisson.
    • MedImager for intuitive user-adapted exploration and organization of MedView's image data base. Developers Fredrik Lindahl and Linn Gustavsson Christiernin.
  • mGen Document Generator. An open source version of the framework for generating clinical documents used in MedView 4.
  • mForm. An easy to manage system for web based data entry aimed at clinical trials.
  • mEduWeb. A web-based system for use in under-graduate courses in Oral Medicine based on MedView's database. Project leaders Mats Jontell and Olof Torgersson. mEduWeb was initially developed during a project course at Chalmers' D-programme.

Some past projects

  • MedForm, a master's thesis project carried out by David Breneman aimed at providing tools for easy to manage web-based clinical trials.
  • MedViewer, using dynamic queries for exploring MedView data. Investigator Olof Torgersson
  • Personalized Patient Information. A web application aimed at giving patient direct access to their own data. Carried out as a project at Chalmers' D-programme. Supervisor Olof Torgersson.
  • The Cube, 3D-visualization. Investigators Nader Nazari and Göran Falkman.
  • SimVis, using similarity measures and case-based reasoning to explore MedView data. Investigator Göran Falkman.
  • MedView 3, the software previously used for gathering and analyzing clinical data. Implemented by Olof Torgersson. MedView 3 was written in Objective-C and runs on Windows and Mac OS X.
  • MedView 2, the first version of MedView that was used for real. Implemented by Youssef Ali.