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Summary for the third year of the WG


Extensive work has been made in a number of areas, and we refer to the detailed progress reports from the sites of the WG. We will here just, rather randomly, mention a few of the results during this third year.

The proceedings from the second main workshop of the WG, at Kloster Irsee in Germany, has now been published by Springer (LNCS 1657).


The main workshop of the third year of the working group was organised by the Göteborg site. It was held at the conference centre Lökeberg some 40 km north of Göteborg. It was a very intense meeting with no less than 36 talks and 2 demo sessions. In spite of the high number of participants, 90, the meeting had the atmosphere of a workshop; the reason being the homogeneity of the subject. As for the two previous yearly meetings, the proceedings will be published by Springer in the series "Lecture Notes in Computer Science".

In Göteborg, 27 - 28 March 1999 a Workshop on Dependent Types in Programming, organised together with APPSEM. It had 47 participants from both Working Groups.

Summer School

At Giens in the south of France, August 30 - September 10, a summer school was organized by INRIA at Sophia-Antipolis. This two weeks course was for postgraduate students, researchers and industrials who want to learn about interactive proof development. There were introductory and advanced lectures on lambda calculus, type theory, logical frameworks, program extraction, and other topics which give relevant theoretical background. Several talks were devoted to applications. Participants got extensive opportunities to use the systems in a workstation environment for developing their own proofs. Among the 55 participants there were 34 PhD students, 14 researchers, and 7 engineers.

Visits between the sites

The main activities of the WG have been the workshops, but there have also been many (around 30) short visits between the sites.

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