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University of Manchester

Aczel continued working on the problem of determining the logical strength of the impredicative type theories of Lego and Coq. This has led to an investigation of the Russell-Prawitz modality, see [3], and was also the focus of [5]. Aczel took part in the Types'99 workshop and also in the IMLA workshop in Trento in July 1999 where he gave a talk on the Russell-Prawitz modality. He also made a short visit to Padua.

The final version of Anthony Bailey's thesis [4] was submitted in March and is in the process of being approved.

Nicola Gambino visited Manchester, from Padua, for the academic year as an Erasmus student and wrote his lauria thesis, see [5], under the joint supervision of Silvio Valentini (Padua) and Aczel.


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