The Toilet Entertainment System

Pär Stenberg and Johan Thoresson

A toilet is not only a place where people answer calls of nature. It is also a place for contemplation and reflection and a place where people read information. But bringing things to read into a public toilet is not always socially accepted and it might be embarrassing to be discovered. We have chosen to address this problem by printing information such as news directly onto the disposable toilet paper. The project described here is an attempt to question the naturalness of having ubiquitous computers, cause reflections concerning what kind of problems ubiquitous computing really are solving and to indicate that there might be places where computation is not desirable.

Aesthetic artifacts, critical design, interaction design, ubiquitous computing.


In: Proceedings of the extended abstract conference on human factors and computing systems, CHI 2003, pp. 1000-1001, ACM Press.



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