On this page we list the pedagogy-related papers and documents published by the teachers at the interaction design programme at Chalmers University of Technology. To the right of each paper you might find useful downloads related to that paper, e.g. design exercises and similar.
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On the general pedagogic approach
Lundgren, S., Eriksson, E., Hallnäs, L., Ljungstrand, P., Torgersson, O. (2006) Teaching Interaction Design: Matters, Materials and Means [PDF 1,00 Mb] In: Proceedings of WonderGround - 2006 Design Research Society International Conference in Lisbon, 1-4 November 2006.

On teaching aesthetics of interaction
Lundgren, S. (2010) Teaching and Learning Aesthetics of Interaction Thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Chalmers University of Technology.

The thesis is an action research project on how to teach aesthetics of interaction in a constructively aligned course. The result is a teaching approach in the form of aesthetic ideals, a suggested syllabus, and a set of design exercises that also can be reused in other courses - extensively described in terms of how students responded, expected outcome and possible changes.

Ten exercises as described in Lundgren (2010) related to aesthetics of interaction, however resuable in courses on design methods, design analysis, GUI Design, Emotional design, Physical Computing etc.
Exercises: Teaching and Learning Aesthetics of Interaction (pdf)
Exercises: Teaching and Learning Aesthetics of Interaction (doc)

On teaching design in large classes
Lundgren, S. (2009) Case Study. Teaching Design in Large Heterogeneous Classes . In: Interfaces No. 79, Summer 2009, pp. 12-15, Available from: Interfaces Archive

A group project on GUI-design/information visualization.
Dragon's Gold-project (pdf)

Dragon's Gold-project (doc)

On emotions in relation to interaction
Lundgren, S. (2009) Exploring the Interplay between Emotions and Interaction In: Proceedings of the third Nordic Design Research Conference, NORDES'09: Engaging Artefacts, Oslo, Norway, 30ieth of August to 1st of September 2009.

Exercise Designing for Emotions (pdf)

Exercise Designing for Emotions (doc)
Exercise: Expressions of Interaction (pdf)
Exercise: Expressions of Interaction (doc)

Design exercises/methods for game design
Lundgren, S. (2008) Designing Games: Why and How . Cover story of: interactions, Volume 15, Issue 6  (November + December 2008), Pages 6-12. ACM Press.
DOI: http://doi.acm.org/10.1145/1409040.1409042

On teaching multidisciplinary group work
Lundgren, S. (2008) Controlled Confusion: Teaching complex multidisciplinary group work [PDF 60 kb] In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Human Computer Interaction Educators 2008 (HCIEd 2008) in Rome, 2-4 April 2008.

A collaborative class project:
Physical Poets (pdf)
Physical Poets (doc)

How certain aspects of interaction design can be taught via game design
Lundgren, S. (2008) Teaching Gameplay Design is teaching Interaction Design [PDF 183 kb] In: Proceedings of the International Conference of Human Computer Interaction Educators 2008 (HCIEd 2008) in Rome, 2-4 April 2008.

Workshop "Show me Yours and I'll Show you Mine" on interaction design exercises carried out in January 2008. Contributors were Yoram Chisik, Lars Halnäs, Hanna Landin, Sus Lundgren. Emmanuela Mazzone and Lena Norberg.


Exercises on topics like design methods, information visualization and design of graphical user interfaces:
Teaching Interaction Design: Design Exercises part I