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Johan - the musical guy Pia - the analysing brain Jenny - the creative girl Stefan - the swiss cheese master Fredrik - the bakery man
The members of group four are:

Johan Bergsten
(sitting down, leaning against the toothbrush)
e-mail: it3bejo@ituniv.se

Jenny Dafgård

(on top of the toothbrush)
e-mail: it3daje@ituniv.se

Fredrik Kronhamn
(leaning against the toothbrush with his hand)
e-mail: di1krfr@chl.chalmers.se

Pia Hammargren
(patting the horse)
e-mail: it3hapi@ituniv.se

Stefan Thurnherr
(holding on to the toothbrush)
e-mail: stefan.thurnherr@epfl.ch

The group has worked together during the project. The group consists of five members, all having different backgrounds which influences the project a lot. Johan, Jenny and Pia are studying within the master program of Interaction Design at the IT-university, located on the Lindholmen Campus in Gothenburg.

Johan grew up in Linköping and has studied Human Work Science and Computer Science in Ronneby before. Besides his studies he works at a Law firm in the city of Gothenburg, and he also worked at the same firm in Stockholm during his holidays. Johan is also a musician, and has played the oboe in front of the Swedish king!

Jenny grew up in Västerås and has studied Media Informatics three years ago, in Kristianstad. She likes Gothenburg as a city and agrees that it is the frontside of Sweden!

Pia is a Gothenburg girl that has studied Informatics for three years; the first year she studied at the University College of Borås, then she continued her studies at the University of Gothenburg. Before she started her studies she had worked at a Rehab Center in Stockholm and later on in Gothenburg.

Fredrik, the Gothenburg technician, has studied courses in Human Ecology and will soon be finished with his bachelor in Computer Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology at Lindholmen. No matter how bad a situation gets, he never looses his optimism!

Stefan is a foreign student who grew up in Rorschach in the east of Switzerland. He has been studying Communication Systems at EPF Lausanne in Switzerland for the last 3 years. In August 2003 he came to Sweden for an exchange year at Chalmers University of Technology. Remarkable is that he speaks Swedish fluently after having been in Sweden for only five months - well done!