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Why not make our everyday activities a pleasure to perform? The principal aim of this project has been to create a fun and positive experience during children's everyday tooth brushing habit.

To create this positive experience we decided to involve music and by that create a fun and musical experience. In the long term this will also give children better teeth and reduce the risks of caries, tartars and other mouth problems.

The target group
The target group for this project is children who just started to brush their own teeth. Children at that age are not always enjoying tooth brushing and do not always realize that brushing is for their own best. That’s why we developed a toothbrush that will motivate children to brush their own teeth. In order to confirm our assumptions of the target group we performed observations of children from the group and also a usability test in our prototype phase to base our design on the target group’s opinions.

To clarify the concept, we here present a short scenario of iBrush:
“John is five years old and enjoys eating sweets but he does not like brushing his teeth.

"The iBrush is being introduced"

Now John enjoys brushing his teeth. His sister can also brush her teeth at the same time as John. Together they create the most amazing sounds.”

Toothpaste tubes
The concept also includes toothpaste tubes. We’ve designed different tubes that should be available in the stores, each of them represent different genres of music. When toothpaste is applied on the toothbrush music will begin to play. The first time a new toothpaste is used, the songs belonging to the toothpaste will be downloaded from the Internet. The user will never know exactly which song is going to be played since the songs are randomly chosen each time.

Affecting music controlled by brushing
When the user begins brushing, the music will change according to his or her brushing style. The music's tempo changes according to the users brushing tempo. Also the toothbrush’s orientation is reflected in the music by pitch changes. When the brush is angled to the right or left the music is playing in it’s original pitch. When angled up the music will raise the pitch and when angled down the music will lowere the pitch. Toothbrushing is a social activity. Several iBrushes can be used simultanously, the instruments in the midi-songs will then be divided between the iBrushes.

The name iBrush
iBrush – the name of our concept comes from I brush but also Interactive brush since you are able to interact with the iBrush in order to affect the music.